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We do Dangerously binge-worthy video For your team... That converts.

Need content for your Sales Funnel or Social Media Strategy? You finally decided to launch that Youtube Channel? You want to engage your clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, and such with great stories about your brand? Need a Training video series for your staff? Want to do live video streaming every Tuesday night? We'll help using video marketing and move the needle!

Nowadays, social media are a huge part of our lives, and they are becoming more and more video-centric. Online videos are the medium of choice for marketers looking to distribute authentic content and increase engagements with your audience. Master your customer journey and behavior.

What is video marketing anyway?

The most straightforward answer is; video marketing is using the power of videos to promote a business online using digital channels. It can be your website, social media, emails, web applications, and search engines. We study your customer decision journey and think of the best way to be hyper-relevant to them throughout their journey. Putting videos at each stage while increasing the trust factor towards your brand. Thus doubling or tripling your conversion rate in just a few months.

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Videos accelerate the sales funnel

At each stage of your sales funnel, videos will dramatically increase your conversion rate. It is the best way to pack the maximum of information in the least amount of time. Whether you're in the B2B or B2C market, we'll help you chose the best videos to reach your goals. Brand awareness, lead generation, and increased conversion rate throughout the customer decision journey.

Video for your content marketing strategy

We know its hard to keep up with a constant flow of content for online advertising. If your organization used content marketing in the past, you know how hard it can be to keep up with the demand for new ideas. We'll help you put together a video content machine that will pump new videos at the rate required to achieve your desired outcome. Sales, recruitment, thought leadership, you name it!

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Video production FAQ

+ What is video marketing?

The most straightforward answer is; video marketing is using the power of videos to promote a business online using digital channels. It can be a website, social media, emails, web applications, and search engines.

+ Why is video marketing so important?

Research showed time and time again that videos have a higher engagement rate than any other form of content such as text or photos. Video marketing is important because 83% of marketers claimed to have a positive ROI on their video campaign investment.

+ What channels are used in video marketing?

Mostly search engines, websites, social media, blogs, online ads, affiliate marketing, emails, and mobile apps.

+ What's the future of video marketing?

Video marketing is continually evolving from a technology standpoint, but the core fundamental always remains the same. It's about building trust. Nowadays, ultra personalization is key, in the future of video marketing we'll see more and more 1:1 video approach, streaming and augmented reality videos (AR).

+ Where should I host my videos?

Most video marketing campaigns are host on professional video platforms such as Wistia, Vidyard, or Brightcove. You can also use public distribution platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, especially if your video marketing campaign is mixed with SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

+ What are the benefits of video marketing?

The main benefits of video marketing are increased trust toward a company's brand and improvement in conversion rate. Having videos improves conversion, attracts the audience's attention, generates emotions, increase perceived value, and clarifies the brand's message.

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Video content creation packages

monthly production schedule



2-3 video per month

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Starter pack for small businesses to get your feet wet with content creation. Ideal for smaller budget.

Ideal for blog posting, social media videos, and article release.

Release 1 video per month

weekly production schedule



5-10 video per month

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It starts to get serious. Release videos on a more constant basis and get the ability to analyse data and stats about what really works in your field.

Great for social media content marketing strategy.

Release 4 to 5 videos per month

daily production schedule



20+ video per month

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For the fast movers and shackers, we'll create for you a content machine that will put you ahead in your field and definitely put you as an expert in the field. Lowers cost-per-video.

Perfect to release a Youtube or Facebook channel.

Become a daily channel

Dominate your niche with on-going videos

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7 video types that will explode your sales ebook

7 Video types that will Explode your Sales - 2023 edition

There are dozens of videos types that we can create. But 7 are critical to EVERY Business to increase their sales drastically. In this guide, we'll explore how to use them to convert surfers into buyers!

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