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Live Video Production

The Covid-19 has changed the world. More and more event are going virtual now. We offer internet video production for the event industry. Our experts on-location camera crew will cover your events or keynote in multi-camera setup.

It could be your annual conference, seminar video, keynote, live stream, product launch, webinar or even a wedding video. In Montreal or any city, we'll be able to travel. Facebook live videos are become increasingly more popular.

Whether you're looking to promote your brand, business, services or products with videos our team will help you deliver a message in a compelling way. A video ad is usually aimed at a broader range of audience than a corporate video will, thus not always necessary these days. It could be a TV spot, a viral web video or a multi-camera event capture in HD.

Virtual Events

The COVID-19 brought us in a world where live events are not always possible, we can help you "virtualize" your event. This will allow you to stream it to a broader audience than before. Either public on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn or private servers, we can help.

Live Stream Services

Live broadcasting on social media is the new craze. Either for a special event, conference, a weekly show, or to keep in touch with your audience, live video is extremely powerful. We can help you achieve a multi-camera live stream just like TV networks. We can setup a stream on a private channel or social media and multi-channel at once.

Keynote Video Production

Bring your public speaking game to a whole other level with virtual access. Either for your own event or your client's we'll help you establish a multi-camera live stream workflow. Showcase your knowledge on camera and reach a wider audience than before.

We can shoot your video speaking engagement on-site at your location, or in a professional studio or venue.

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