10 reasons why using videos to promote your business in 2023 will boost your sales by 3x

Video Marketing Dec 26, 2022

It's no secret that videos are one of the most powerful ways to promote your product or services these days.  Many business owners notice an increase in sales and conversions rate the same year they start using them. Especially since the 2020 world crisis, you've probably noticed the use of video skyrocket.

Not surprising... 70% of the world's data is indeed user generated.  Just think Youtube or Tiktok.  That's a LOT of data.

Now, why would you jump on the bandwagon and use videos for your business?

  1. Increase visibility and reach: Creating videos allows you to reach a wider audience, as it is easier for people to watch a video than to read a long article. Videos can also be shared on social media platforms and websites, which can help to increase the visibility and reach of your business.
  2. Improve website SEO: Including videos on your website can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. This is because search engines give preference to websites that have multimedia content, such as videos. Not only this, crawlers can nowadays read video content, which technically adds content to your website!  I think this is probably the most important reason to create video content.
  3. Enhance engagement: Videos can be more engaging than text-based content, as they can capture the attention of the viewer more effectively. This can help to keep your audience interested in your business and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase or visiting your website.
  4. Showcase products and services: Videos provide a great opportunity to showcase your products and services in action. This can help to give potential customers a better understanding of what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.
  5. Demonstrate expertise: Creating videos allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field, which can help to build trust with your audience. This can be especially effective for businesses in industries where customers are looking for professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced.
  6. Provide customer support: Videos can be a useful tool for providing customer support, as they can clearly explain how to use a product or service, or address common questions or concerns. This can save time and resources for both you and your customers.  Creating an FAQ video library for example is a powerful way to differentiate from your competitors still using boring text based answers.
  7. Build brand awareness: Videos can help to build brand awareness by consistently reinforcing your brand message and values. This can help to create a strong brand identity and establish your business as a trusted and reliable choice for your customers.
  8. Increase conversions: Including videos on your website or landing pages can help to increase conversions by providing a more engaging and interactive experience for your visitors. This can be especially effective for e-commerce businesses, as it can help to persuade potential customers to make a purchase.
  9. Foster customer loyalty: Creating videos that provide value and entertainment to your audience can help to foster customer loyalty. This can be especially effective if you create a series of videos that your audience can look forward to, as it can encourage them to follow your business and engage with your content on a regular basis.
  10. Stay ahead of the competition: By creating videos, you can stay ahead of the competition and stand out in a crowded marketplace. This can be especially important in industries where video content is becoming more common, as it can help you to differentiate your business from others and attract new customers.

Overall, creating videos can be an effective way to promote your business and achieve your marketing goals. Whether you are looking to increase visibility, improve website SEO, enhance engagement, or increase conversions, videos can be a valuable tool for driving success.

If you're wondering how much you should invest in such productions, the boring answer is it depends.  We have an article that details the cost of video production on our main site.  A typical corporate hero video (the ones you see on home pages) can cost from 3500$ to 25 000$ when done professionally.


N'tchidjè Doumbia

Video marketer and producer for more than 10 years. I love videos, video gears, studio gears, and helping businesses crush their competitors using the power to moving images and sound.