Clutch Awards Great Things Studios As A Top B2B Company in Canada

Apr 20, 2022

Videos are the best tool any company can use to grow faster and more efficiently. For almost a decade, our team has been at the forefront of helping businesses express themselves through this medium to great success.

Now our clients are returning the favor as they help us achieve an important milestone in our team’s development. We are proud to announce that Great Things Studios has been named as a top B2B company in Canada by Clutch for the year 2022.

Clutch is an online review and rating platform that primarily serves the B2B industry. They conduct fact-finding research that employs a unique verification process that determines the authenticity of the information sent to them for publication as reviews on their website.

In order for a company to be named as a top company in the Clutch criteria, they first need to earn several high-quality reviews like the one above. The fact that we now have one to our name means that our clients and partners are extremely happy with the work we provided.

In fact, you can find us on Clutch as part of their list of the top video production companies in Canada. All these are only possible thanks to the dedication of our team and the support of our clients.

We're proud to be among the top video marketing and production agency in Montreal! In this era, especially in 2020 business owner and marketer really understood the power of videos! The adoption was insane!” – N'tchidjè Doumbia, Producer & Video Marketer for Great Things Studios.

We understand the power of videos better than anyone else. Go to our website to learn more about what we can do for your business and talk to our team via phone or email for any questions or inquiries. Let’s get started on your project as soon as possible.

N'tchidjè Doumbia

Video marketer and producer for more than 10 years. I love videos, video gears, studio gears, and helping businesses crush their competitors using the power to moving images and sound.