5 Ways to Significantly Grow Your Following Using Instagram in Just a Few Weeks!

Social Media Marketing Feb 3, 2020

Instagram is the most essential social media platform. It is the best way to grow quickly in popularity and to communicate to your following.


Given the simple fact that you have access to millions of hashtags at your fingertips, that you can respond to others in the comments section of a post and access to direct messages gives YOU the power to grow exponentially! Growing a following is all about communication. You want to be able to communicate with your following - your fans and establish a connection with them.

Here are 5 ways to help grow your following using simple marketing strategies that just require your time and patience.

1. Build With What You Got

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Before you begin looking for new fans out there, engage with your current ones! Creating and maintaining good relationships with your current base is what is going to help you understand how to build new ones. Once you've figured out the essentials, its time you go out to explore the wonders of Instagram.

TIP: Don't be shy to ask your current following to help you out. Most of these people are already your family and friends - so why not engage with them first? Inquire if any of them are willing to share some of your posts/content to their stories. In return, this will help your post be seen by more eyes due to the very fact that your friends and family have followers who don't necessarily know who you are. Free exposure = more potential followers, simple as that!

2. Instagram Influencer Marketing

You may ask why is Instagram Influencer Marketing an essential tool to growing your following? Influencer marketing allows businesses and brands to reach their target audience in a way that is more authentic than any of the other accustomed methods of advertising. Rather than having your business sell your product directly to your customers, you can build potential relationships with influencers who can sell for you!

It may (in some occasions) require a budget towards paying an influencer... but think of this: you can expose your product to an audience of 1 Million + followers in one single post. Unless you offer the influencer a free package of your product - something tangible or some sort of incentive for them taking the time to post about you or your business. You can potentially save some of your budget using this method... though it is best to get in contact with a few influencers at first and finding out which form of contribution will work best!

3. Find Influencers That You Relate to and Inbox Their Following/Fan Base

This is a simple yet effective strategy that not many people seem to be using right now! This is not about spamming your potential followers or fans, this is about engaging with like-minded people like yourself who share common interests and goals whom are connecting through the platform.

Finding like-minded individuals are essential to growing your following. All you really have to do is find these accounts (influencers) with a substantial amount of followers and start engaging with their followers by clicking on their profile and hitting the message button to send them a private message.

4. $1.80 Strategy - Gary Vee

Be a part of the community.

Be consistent.

This video is pretty much self explanatory although to contribute to what Gary Vee is expressing is that ONLY YOU have the power at any single moment to increase your following.

You just need to have the patience and surely make the time for it. It won't happen over night, it requires persistence. Think that if you begin now - in a years time, you will have grown your following significantly!

5. Do Something Great

Do Something Great
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Do not just post for the sake of posting, make sure you are creating great and relative content. Be genuine, be yourself! No one wants to engage with anyone who is full of themselves or thinks their product, their page, their music is better than everything else out there.

There is no overnight success unless of course, one of your pieces of content goes viral. Then even so, it's all about maintaining that traffic. Just be patient and work on building your following or fan base every single day and be sure you answer every single comment, DM etc...

Yes, do something great... but be great too!

Always remember, you are the only thing that's holding you back.

There are no real shortcuts to success unless you have the budget to do so. Companies like The Millennial Marketers offer packages upwards of $99/month and are very great at what they do!

Great strategies, but a financial investment.

TIP: Instead of allocating your budget towards hiring a company to engage with your audience for you, you can use your budgets towards building better content.

Using the 5 strategies above will guarantee you a following...

After all it did work for me. ;)


Pat DiMeo

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